Back flight and arrival...

Back again...back in Germany with my family and some of my friends and away from my second family, all my other new friends, the snow, my high school...

It feels so strange, in same way good and right and in some way I wasn't ready to go and I still can't believe that my adventure should be over now. How will I live here, how will all my friends react when they'll see me again, because life didn't stop just because I wasn't here, life moved on... And I'm really afraid that I'll have problems at school and that I won't keep in touch with all my canadian, brazilian, Japanese,... friends. Because I was actually planning that I'll come visit them and they'll come visit me...frown

I hope everything will be great and I'll can come visit them all,  soon.

Canada was probably the best thing in my life so far and I met so many amazing people, I'll never forget. I honestly learned so much and I'm just thankful for everything. I think it's not even possible to describe how it is to get the chance to live on the other side of the world.

I'm already missing so many things there (but of course I'm also happy to be back again).laughingcry




Last days...

Last days...OMG that makes me so sad...it makes me crying. I can't believe what's going on. It's like in September, when I left germany, myou family and my friends behind. It's just the opposite...now I'll leave Canada, my host family, actually my second family and my friends. That's so strange, how fast you can  build a new life with new friends, a new school and everything. First I was sad, because I missed my family and friends and every thing and now I'm sad when I'm thinking about leaving everything behind... I honestly don't wannna go, I'm actually not even ready. 5 month are much too shortcry

So I try to enjoy everything, even the studying for my up-comming exams and I try to meet all my friends again, before I'll leAve,  because they are the reason,  why I enjoyed this this time so much and why I even like to go to school -to the best school I  the entire worldkiss

I just noticed how lucky I am to be here and I'm so thankfully for everything and everybody I have in my life!!! Thank you!!!laughinglaughinglaughing


Tubing and First time skiing

Today was really great and I enjoyed the snow and the cold winter.surprised

FIRST I went tubing with some of my family members. Youre actually sitting  in a ring and sled the hill down. And you get really fastlaughing It was so much fun!!!

After I went skiing the first time in my entire life...and it's true what everybody say: Skiing is awesome. I'm so happy that my friend invited me to go skiing with her, because she got some coupons... It was so special for me and I actually didn't wanna go home again. I really hope I'll get the chance to ski in germany again. Because I always wanted, but unfortunately we have never gone...frown 


And a happy new year

HAPPY 2017!!!

I hope all of you had a great start of the new year. It was pretty strange starting the new year after all my friends and family. Everybody was posting pictures and wishing everybody "Happy new Year" on the social networks, only I had to wait 6 more hours. But I finally got it too and we even had a small firework in our garden because I wanted one!laughing

So enjoy 2017 and I hope you'll all reach your goals!


Special Christmas this year

Okay well Christmas is over and I finally can enjoy the first days of my Christmas break.

But first: MERRY CHRISTMAS anyone!

Canadian Christmas is so different from the germany one. Some people start to decorate their houses directly after Halloween. And some houses and trees are just awesome!

Anyway we celebrated Christmas on the 25th, so one day later than in germany. However all my friends from Germany wished me "merry Christmas" on the 24th, but actually it's "just" Christmas eve, it's actually a normal day here.foot-in-mouth

But it felt like christmas for me. I skyped with my family and opened my present from them.smile

At the evening, the real Christmas eve, everybody was thinking of Christmas. We went out to eat in a restaurant, like my family always do.


On Christmas  (dec. 25th)  we waked up pretty early to open our stockings and ate breakfast. Then we opened all together all the presents under the tree and ate turkey...typical American.cool It was pretty amazing and I'm really happy about all my presents!kiss


And yesterday I went shopping in Toronto, because it was boxing day and normally a lot of things are on sale. But yesterday not many things were cheaper than normally and because there were really many people it was really messy ando full .yell Nevertheless me and my friends bought a lot and we had much fun.

our christmas tree

biggest christmas tree in canada and boxing day


Life could be awesome!

So actually there are no special things I could tell you guys, but I though I should write again.

Anyway the time runs so fast. I have only about 7 more weeks left till I'm arriving in germany again. But the longer I'm here, the better it is. And when I'm thinking about leaving canada I'm pretty sad.  Even the snowfall finally started, which always remembers me I'm in love with the country.kiss

Now where the christmas break is almost there, all teachers think they have to give us more stuff like test and assignment and homeworks. That's why school is really borring and much studying in the moment... And everybody is waiting for the first snowday, but it hasn't happened yet...

Canada winter wonderland!!!!


Birthday, sami formal and remembrance day

So and the next really special day -my birthday- is over too...cry I was so excited and afraid for my birthday, because I really wanted to have a special, memorable day with fun and presents and without homesickness.

And: MY BIRTHDAY WAS AWESOME!!!kiss I'm so happy and relieved...

Before I went to school, I unpacked my package and read my letters from germany. In school so many people congratulated me and my friend decorated my locker -typical high school.smile In the evening there was the semi formal (a patry) in my school -on my birthday!!! And almost all my friends were there. Everybody was dressed up with dresses or shirts and danced to the music.




And today is Remembrance Day. It's a day to remember the warses and the people who fighted and died. We watched a video, the dance class danced and everybody weared a special red flower sticker, a spacial "thing" for this day in Canada. This day was special too, but in another view. The national pride in Canada is plain especially!



two month are over and today is halloween

So the last day in October....halloween!cool Today was awesome. It's simply unbelievable how different countries are and celebrate their fests. In school almost everybody was dressed up for halloween (the teachers were the beststongue-out), there was a competition which class decorated the best pumkin and the teachers took pictures of us for the yearbook. In the evening I went through the neighborhood to get candys with my brother and sisters. And I got so many candys. That's amazing! I think I never must buy candys again here in canada...innocent And I like the community here: I have the feeling everybody is more relaxed in things like halloween. Almost every house or garden is decorated and a lot of people wait outside of their houses to give the "children" their candys...

So now two whole month are already over...only three more...frown That's so strange. Sometimes when I remember myself that I really live here in canada now, without my friends and family, I starts to smiling, because I'm a little bit proud of myself. Maybe it sounds a bit strange, but that's mekiss... Anyway it's really cool if you know you live here on the other side of the World, and than you don't want that the time runs so fast, because you want to stay here more time to make more and more experiences...


Thanks giving and a few other things...

So last weekend was my first and unfortunattely probably also my single thanks giving...

It was so different like I though...I though there will be a lot of people in our house, but actally there were only about 15. The day was awesome and I can't believe that my first typical-canadian thing is over now...

The best of the day was -of course- the food. We had a very big turkey and too many other things.innocent This is really amazing how much you can eatyell

Although this was a very special day for me I have no idea what I can tell you more about thanks giving. The next celebration gonna be Halloween. I'm really excited how it will be, because in germany only the very small children go to get candys. But according my canadian friends everybody in school will wear a costume and a lot of people go to get candys in the evening. I hope it's true, because I want to celebrate Halloween!laughing

So one and a half moth are over now. That's amazing, the time runs so fast!!! Many things are better now. I got my first marks, I think my English is better than at the beginning, I had a lot of trips from school like treetop tracking, outdoor rock climbing.... and I had my first (cross country) races in my whole life! Also I found international friends and I think slowly but surely canadian friends too. I really enjoy the time and the country and I'm really happy about all my decisions I had fallen till now!!!smile Cross country is a very hard and actually not the most excited sport, but the team and the spirit is really awesome!kiss


I'm really happy to could be here and that I could enjoy every day! (and that my homesickness is over toolaughing)



More or less settled in Canada

Now I'm already here for 26 days. I can't believe that I'm staying here for 5 month - 5 month without my family and all my friends, 5 month on the other side of the world in a new really different country. But also I can't believe that in 5 days I'm already here for one month. Than I have "only" 4 more month. That sounds so much, but in some way it's so little.laughingundecided

The first time was pretty difficult. I knew knowbody,  I was new in school,  in the family and in the country, and I miss(ed) my family and friends. But I think I could say that I (almost) left this time! Now I'm really happy to be here and I (try to) enjoy the time!kiss

I have new international friends and I did/do things which I would never do in germany, like to come in the cross country team of the school...  

Anyway it's very strange to be here, because everything is different. In the Canadian high school it's allowed to hear music or to be on your cell phone. And it's really true that every morning before the first class starts the Canadian national hymne is playing. If the hymne comes and you're not in your room you're to late, but it's not allowed to walk while it plays.

I switched all my classes now, because I have to choose biology and so I have biology and math in grade 11, outdoor education in grade 10 and english with all the international students. Actually the classes are not so difficult, because we had these topics in grade 8 or 9, the most heaviest are the vocabularys, but it's really okay - not to hard.cool

Okay now you know how it is here in the works of me! I think the next post will come on thanks giving, the first typical canadian thing I'm going to celebrate!!tongue-out


first day at my high school

Today was my first school day. The high school is so different from my school in germany. There are more students, everywhere in the hallway are the typical lockers (I have a locker toolaughing) and there are so many subjects you could choose; subjets like dance or outdoor education, which aren't in germany. But in Canada you only need 4 classes pro semester. Thee classes you have every day the same time.

My courses are pretty good. I have to choose english, math and biology and additional I have outdoor education (you make a lot of tripssmile)...

my school 


arrived by my host family

I was so ecxited to meet my host family. Now I must speak english all the time and actually I know nobody, but I'm here for learning and knowing many nice new people.laughing

When I arrived with the shuttle, my host father opened the door. My host sister shaw me the house and when my host mom came back from her work we went shopping. I had no time for putting my clothes out of my suitcase, because we cooked an easy cake and then we ate dinner. My host family is very nice and I hope they are perfect for me.innocent


Orienation Toronto

Yesterday after the flight we had no time to relax. Before we could bring our suitcases in the hotel we visited the CN-Tower. The view was so nice. I have never seen some skyscraper before, but I love them! For dinner we ate in the Hard Rock Cafe, where realy many students of us bought a t-shirt or something else.cool 

Today, the second and so the last whole day in Toronto, we drove to the niagara falls. With the boat we could be so near by them. They looks so amazing! I can't believe that I saw them with my own eyes. 

After dinner we visited the aquarium in Toronto. Actually we wanted to watch a baseball game, but the team of Toronto haven't a game while we staid in Toronto...undecided


The CN-Tower, the niagara falls and an aquarium in toronto...


outward flight

Beause I'm in Canada now I want to write this text in english.tongue-out But I think this will be a short post...

I don't know how I survived this 8 hours long flight and the early risIng,  but I did.undecided

To say good bye was not so hard like I though it will be. But when I read all the texts, which my friends and my family wrote for me before I left, I began to cry... I think I can't realise that I will not see all the people for 5 month.


Abschiedsparty, Koffer packen und Abschied nehmen

So das wird höchstwahrscheinlich mein letzter Eintrag aus Deutschland sein, bevor ich morgen losfliege. Jetzt ist es nur noch ein einziger Tag und seit meinem letzten Eintrag ist viel passiert was ich euch erzählen kann.cool

Letzte Woche Samstag waren all meine Freunde da (okay fast alleinnocent) und haben mit mir und meiner Freundin, die jetzt gerade schon in Kanada ist, zusammen eine Abschiedsparty gefeiert. Wir hatten alles -wirklich alles- in Kanadafarben und Flaggen geschmückt und es gab Kuchen, Burger, Salate, und einfach zu viele Süßigkeiten.

Am Wochenende habe ich dann auch das letzte Mal mit meiner Gastfamilie geskypt. Meine Gastfamilie wurde kurzfristig gefragt, ob sie wohl für einen Monat auch noch eine Spanierin aufnehmen würden. Jetzt sind wir also eine internationale Familie und eine Person mehr die ich nicht kenne... Aber da meine Gastschwester erst einen Tag nach mir ankommt, wird sie auch nicht auf der Orientation von unserer Schule gewesen sein. Das heißt da laufen dann nicht nur ein sondern 2 Trottel (sry für den Ausdruck an meine zukünftige Gastschwester) herum, die nicht wissen wo was ist...wink

Montag habe ich dann mal angefangen meine Koffer zu packen. Es ist schon Wahnsinn wie wenig man für ein ganzes halbes Jahr mitnehmen darf und wie viel man doch benötigt. Mit der Kilozahl hatte ich kleine Schwierigkeiten, aber letzendlich hat doch alles so geklappt wie ich es wollte. smile

Gestern war mein letzter Schultag. Mein Klassenlehrer hat mir heute (einen Tag davor) frei gegeben, so konnte ich ausschlafen und die letzten Vorbereitungen treffen. Das heißt aber auch, dass ich mich bereits gestern von meinen Freunden verabschieden musste...

Obwohl ich morgen schon fliege und dann sozusagen ein neues Leben anfangeembarassed, fühlt es sich gar nicht danach an. Zwar weiß ich, dass heute mein letzter Tag ist, und ich zähle bereits seit Wochen -vielleicht sogar Monaten- die Tage, aber realisieren tue ich es trotzdem nicht. Es scheint irgendwie noch so weit weg und irgendwie auch unrealistisch zu sein. Trotzdem werden ich langsam immer aufgeregter...Vielleicht liegt das aber auch an den ganzen Fotos, die ich von meinen 3 Freunden geschickt bekomme,  die bereits in Kanada sind...

 Kanadisches Geld :) fühlt sich an wie Plastik und richtig mega komisch :p   Mein gepackter Koffer :p

Kanadisches Geld und mein gepackter Kofferlaughing


Nichts Besonderes passiert aber trotzdem ein Eintrag

Jetzt ist der Juli fast vorbei und es gibt eigentlich nichts Interessantes was ich euch erzählen kann.frown

In 5 1/2 Wochen, genauer gesagt 38 Tagen wohne ich auf der anderen Seite der Welt.

Die letzten Vorbereitungen sind getroffen und die letzten Informationen von meiner Austauschorganisation habe ich erhalten...Jetzt heißt es warten und sich von manchen Leuten schon langsam verabschieden, wodurch ich immer aufgeregter und angespannter werde...embarassed


Kleines Update

So ich habe mir vorgenommen mindestens einmal im Monat zu schreiben. Da der Monat jetzt auch schon wieder vorbei ist hier einmal mein Zwischenstand:

Nur noch 64Tage, dann heißt es 'good bye Germany' und 'hello Canada'. Ich bin jetzt schon mega aufgeregt und will, dass es los geht!foot-in-mouth                                                                                   

Mir fliegen so viele Fragen durch den Kopf, auf die weder ich noch alle anderen eine Antwort wissen... Bei dem Vorbereitungstreffen von meiner Organisation konnte man zwar Fragen stellen und Informationen durch sogenannte Retournies (= Leute, die schon im Ausland waren) erhalten, dennoch fühle ich mich so unwissend und unsicher wie noch nie...

Mit meiner Familie schreibe ich natürlich weiterhin, was mir bei jedem weiteren Skype-Telefonat ein bisschen von der Unsicherheit und dem Fremdgefühl nimmt.smile Es ist immer noch schwierig auf Englisch zu skypen, aber es wird!laughing Sie wollen versuchen sehr viele Sachen mit mir zu unternehmen, zB. wollen Sie mit mir zu den Niagara Fällen, zum Wasaga beach undundund fahren. Außerem wollen sie mir beim nächsten Skype Telefonat das Haus zeigen.surprised


Meine Gastfamilie

Wann bekomme ich meine Gastfamilie?!

Eine Frage weniger und so einen Schritt weiter an meinem Abenteuer Kanada dran.smile

Als ich den Zettel mit den Informationen über meine Gastfamilie erhalten habe, wollte ich erst mal alles wissen. Ich schrieb sofort eine E-Mail um sie kennenzulernen. Nach einem kurzen E-Mail Austausch kam dann das Skype-Gespräch. Durch meine Aufregung war mein Englisch aber wie weggeblasen... Trotzdem haben meine Gastmutter und ich es irgendwie geschafft uns zu verständigen.embarassed

Der erste Eindruck ist echt gut! Sie scheinen wirklich nett zu sein. Ich werde einen Hund und 7 Gastgeschwister haben, wovon aber 5 schon ausgezogen sind.

Ich bin gespannt wie es weitergeht und kann es kaum erwarten, bis es los geht!tongue-out